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One of Khadlaj's oldest timeless classic. The light musky agarwood notes along with cologne-like fragrances which linger for days.Oud muattar Al Bahaar are Oud / Agarwood tablets made from Oud powder and soaked in Khadlaj's Bahaar fragrance. The light musky along with cologne-like notes are sure to linger for days.Bukhoor (Bakhoor) are tablets soaked in perfume oils, which when burnt in an incense burner exude a rich thick fragrant smoke. You get 10 tablets in the pack and only need to burn a very small portion at a time.Bakhoor are traditionally used to perfume the house, at special occasions or to honour the guests.

Bakhoor Al bahaar- Agarwood Tables by Khadlaj

SKU: 6300
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