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Luxurious musk cubes that are designed with high quality and proficiency.


$15 for 1 cube

(box have 8 cubes)

The cubes offer attractive and breath-taking aromatic scents that remain intense and steady for long hours.


Enjoy a refreshing and catchy scent that will make you stand out with a special and unique look, different from that of the attendees.


Cubes can also be used to freshen up wardrobes and drawers.


About the Brand:

Ibraheem Al.Qurashi is a luxury Arabian perfume brand, known in the Arab countries, for it has been launched from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The firm owns a group of stores all over the Kingdom and in the Arabian Gulf, where its products are sold in huge amounts in their electronic stores

Ibraheem Al.Qurashi -White Musk Cubes

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