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Omani Frankincense Resin 50g Wild harvested from the Dhofar region in Oman. Comes from frankincense trees of Boswellia Sacra genus. This region produces the best frankincense in Oman, You can break bigger pieces into smaller pea-sized pieces for burning. Commonly used in aromatherapy as mood enhancer, to alleviate anxiety and stress. How to use frankincense resin as incense: -With charcoal: take a piece of charcoal, then light a corner. Put in a suitable incense burner, and wait for approximately 2 minutes (or until all the charcoal is heated thoroughly and evenly). Then put a piece, or a few pieces on top of hot coal. Sit back and enjoy as the aroma fills the room. -With electric burner: put a few pieces of frankincense on the hot surface. Turn the electric burner on, and enjoy as the aroma fills the room

Omani Frankincense resin (Luban) -50g

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