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Shaghaf Oud Azraq is a golden amber oud perfume oil that adds the warmth of luxury and good taste to a cold day.


Sweetened by honey and enriched with precious oud, a warm heart of spice beats a passionate and assured rhythm. A silken indulgence of Madagascar vanilla rises to meet the layers of oud in luxurious folds of scent. The opulence of finest leather and a rich air of patchouli adds a subtle nuance of wealth to your signature. Shaghaf Oud Azraq speaks of success without saying a word.


Size: 12ml


Top Notes: Honey, Agarwood

Middle Notes: Cinnamon, Amber, Madagascar Vanilla

Base Notes: Leather, Patchouli

SHAGHAF OUD AZRAQ CPO 12ml oil perfume

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